Bear tracks

After checking a duck box, I glanced down to see a black bear track.

It was about the clearest one that I’d ever seen. The bear had stepped off a creek bank to momentarily put its weight down in the sandbar. This combination left one very distinct print. We returned with some special casting plaster to make a cast.

It turned out rather well. 

First box turtle of 2016!

Looks as if we have our first Mountaintown box turtle sighting of the 2016 season! And the “Eagle Eye” award goes to veteran “Turtle Patroller” Rick Dappen!

Courtesy of Rick Dappen

Rick & Jan reported that Rick scooted this one out of the road Tuesday afternoon. This wasn’t their first “road relocation,” either. They rescued “ABL” last year when ABL was too sick and too hurt to just send on his way. Let’s all keep our eyes open and those turtle reports rolling in.

ABL UPDATE: Physical therapy and perhaps a release date?

ABL_2015_12_30 Our friend, ABL, continues to convalesce! The latest word from Kathryn Dudeck, at Chattahoochee Nature Center, is that ABL was mending well but was still not making full use of that right front shoulder. Kathryn suspects that ABL may have sprained it as he tried to scrape off one of those nasty facial scabs that he had when Jan and Rick Dappen rescued him. ABL is using a “traction mat/therapy pad” to improve his range of mobility. That degree of “rehab” might seem a little extraordinary until you think of his other injuries. He’s got to get into top shape to compensate for the amputation of a rear leg. ABL was one hurt turtle! For those of you who are just joining us, ABL was already ill when he wandered into the road. He was then struck by an automobile. The Dappens happened along and rescued him. Alas, one of his rear legs was too badly damaged to heal. Kathryn also hopes that the warm weather will permit him to get lots more therapeutic sunlight and exercise.

So, when does ABL get out? Kathryn thought mid-April was a “best case scenario”. My guess is that it will probably be early May for everyone to coordinate his “discharge” and transportation back to Mountaintown.