First box turtle of 2016!

Looks as if we have our first Mountaintown box turtle sighting of the 2016 season! And the “Eagle Eye” award goes to veteran “Turtle Patroller” Rick Dappen!

Courtesy of Rick Dappen

Rick & Jan reported that Rick scooted this one out of the road Tuesday afternoon. This wasn’t their first “road relocation,” either. They rescued “ABL” last year when ABL was too sick and too hurt to just send on his way. Let’s all keep our eyes open and those turtle reports rolling in.


4 thoughts on “First box turtle of 2016!

    1. Jan – indeed it is misshapen. That’s probably from one or more injuries. It may have been chewed upon by a predator. There is also a chance it was from being struck by a lawnmower. These sort of injuries show up fairly often. One of the values of photographing a turtle each time that it’s recaptured is to document the accumulation of these scars over time.


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