ABL is a…mom?!

“Is there something you want to tell us, ABL..?”

You read that correctly! Kathryn at Chattahoochee Nature Center’s wildlife department emailed us while we were in Maine last week. Kathryn had brought ABL indoors to go into in a feeding tub, whereupon ABL plopped out an egg! An EGG! We’re going to be re-evaluating those pics to see what we missed since ABL looked initially like a male.

 In other news, ABL’s maternity seems to be functioning but her front leg does not. Between an amputated rear leg and an impaired front one, ABL really isn’t ready for the wilds. This has prompted CNC to get permission from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to allow ABL to stay indefinitely at Chattahoochee Nature Center. As an “exhibit turtle,” she will educate thousands of schoolchildren and other visitors about wildlife in the Chattahoochee watershed. So, if you’re visiting CNC soon, keep our ABL in mind!