2016 in review – Seasonal trends

As with prior years, June and July were the prime months in which turtles were detected. Thirty three of them were in that window, with the first couple of weeks in June seeing the most movement. August and September fell flat, with one one turtle being found. We had none after September. That’s a little out of character with prior years. It was much more typical than in 2015, when a warm and wet winter prompted a box turtle to cross the road in front of the Withrow family at Christmas. 

Why does the turtle cross the road? Beats us. We asked this one. Not chatty.

2016 in review – Overall finds

We had 36 turtles that were either found or reported to us in 2016. Three turtles were found more than once. One was found three times (guess it really liked us!). Twenty-six turtles were measured and then marked with a unique code. Some were not marked because they were either found dead or were reported to us by the “turtle patrol” that photographs and reports the ones that they move out of the roads. 

One of our 2016 finds as he headed presumably to a stream bed

2016 Mountaintown box turtle wrap up

We’re guessing  that the neighborhood box turtles are all hunkered down by now for a long winter’s nap. As we crunch the numbers for our annual state and federal reports, we thought the neighborhood would like to read some of our results. Dawn has compiled some interesting data points for us. We’ll share some of these in upcoming weekly posts.

Hopefully all our turtles found safe places for their brumation (reptilian winter rest period)