White cohosh/Doll’s eyes

Actaea pachypoda  (White cohosh or Doll’s eyes) blooming in the creek bottom on a nice spring afternoon.

Actaea pachypoda has the “Doll’s Eyes” common name due to the appearance of the berries later in the summer.

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“Doll’s Eyes” – a striking late-summer berry

We were wrapping up another loop around the nature trail when we spotted “Doll’s Eyes,” a berry that was peering (excusing the pun!) from the forest understory. 
It’s Actaea pachypoda, also known as White Baneberry. The common name of “Doll’s Eyes” is derived from the resemblance of its shiny white berries to the glass eyes that were once used in dolls.

IMG_8537 I wish that I had an image of a more intact berry cluster but these are the only ones that we’ve found this summer. Nevertheless, they’re likely to appear in any shady area along Mountaintown Creek.