Herpy Tuesday: Southern two-lined salamander 

A walk Saturday flushed out this Southern Two-lined Salamander.  

This is the cousin to the Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander that we discussed a few weeks ago. If you need a better frame of reference for what a challenge it is to see these on the forest floor…

Eurycea cirrigera
 …here is the same salamander in my hand. As tiny as they are, salamanders make up much of the vertebrate biomass in the southern Appalachians. 

To learn more, visit their webpage at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Herpy Tuesday: Blue Ridge Two-Lined Salamander

Prowling Zion Hill Road after the rain last Tuesday were twig-sized Blue Ridge Two-Lined Salamanders (Eurycea wilderae). 

Most folks wouldn’t describe amphibians as “cute”, yet these guys seem to fill the bill! These are differentiated from the Southern Two-Lined Salamander, whose range abuts the Blue Ridge in Gilmer, by looking at how the “two-lines” are broken on the tails of wilderae. 

Thanks to the folks at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory for checking the identification!