Learh Lane

A few weeks ago we encountered this turtle:


We took this pic after moving it across the road in its direction of travel. It had been about to cross Zion Hill Road just south of Learh Lane. It exemplifies why it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate males from females. First off, this one had “buttoned up” – pulled in its head and legs and closed its shell fully. This eliminates eye color, skin color, and the length & curl of the rear nails as clues. Next, the rim of the rear carapace didn’t have much of a “shelf” or “skirt”. That absence might indicate a male but…


…the lack of a strong concavity on the plastron indicates its a female. Without those clues, you’re really just speculating about its sex. We can’t so it gets recorded as “N/K” – not known. Nevertheless, it gets measured, marked, and released. Maybe it will stop by Jan and Rick’s…?